20 August 2010

Adding additional servers to your RDS environment

In a few of the past articles I have looked at various Remote desktop Services and the various Role services.

By now I have the following.

1 RDS server
RDS Web Access
Remote Desktop gateway to enable SSL connections from the outside

So now I would like to add an additional server for two reasons. 

Improve the scalability of the service
Improve the fault tolerance of the service.

Fist step add another RDS Session host.

  • I build another server and only install the Remote desktop Session host role.
  • I then request and install a certificate
  • In the RemoteApp Manager is use that certificate for "Digital Signature Settings"
  • I then add the Original and new server names to the "TS Web Access Computers" group
  • Then I publish calculator on my new server.
Secondly to configure Remote Desktop Web Access to retrieve application for the new server.

  • Log into the remote Desktop Web Access with administrative rights (Member of the TS Web Access Administrators group)
  • Select the Configuration link
  • Select  "one or More RemoteApp sources
  • Add the FQDN for the older server the a semicolon and then the new server eg oldserver; newserver
If I check out the Programs I can now see my old app and the new Calculator application published on the new server.

Great.  You now have a way of adding additional server an application to your Web access.

This is where it gets interesting though.

If I publish Calculator on the old server I now see two version of the application.  This is actually not very surprising because the web access is simple enumerating published applications from the RD session hosts.  We at this point don't have a "load balance" or "farm" to aggregating things for us.

So this is where the Connection broker Role Service comes in.

"Remote Desktop Connection broker supports session load balancing and session reconnection in a load balancedRD session host server farm.RD Connection Broker is also used to provide users access to RemoteApp programs and virtual desktops through Remote App and Desktop Connection"

For a full deployment guide check out http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=DF3E1876-737E-4F81-9F29-828A67EBBF58&displaylang=en

I will be covering this deployment myself in a later post.

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