13 August 2010

Configuring Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Part 1

Windows Terminal server has come a long long way.  Most people needing to extend the limited functionality of earlier version of terminal server had no other option than to use Citrix  -- Metaframe - Xen app - or whatever that other name was.  Same thing.  They provided an enhance "application" layer on top of Terminal server.

In Windows 2008 there are some enhancements. I am configuring a 2008 R2 server so this article might be specific to 2008 R2

First up we need to enable the remote desktop role from server manager.

Then we need to select the role Services we want to install.  I am going to install everything other than Remote Desktop Virtualization host.  You will also be notified that certain additional features need to be added.

For the Authentication Method is select "Require Network Level Authentication" 

Since I am building a lab environment i am using the "Configure Later" Licensing Mode

And I am adding Domain Users to my Remote users group.

For Client Experience I choose everything since i might want to use some of them later.

Configuring Discovery Scope for RD licensing is an interesting one.  There is a notice on the page stating:

"Microsoft Recommends that you do not configure a discovery scope for the license server..."

You also need to read the bit above it that tell you that "This does not apply to RD Session Host server running Windows Server 2008 R2"

Server authentication certificate allows you to specify what kind of certificate you want to use for the SSL encryption bit.  Again since mine is only a lab i can use a self signed certificate.  In reality you would probably end up using a certificate form your local CA.

I add domain users to my RD Gateway Users group
Default for RD CAP
and Specify "Allow users to connect to any computer on the network" for RD RAP

Network Policy and Access Service, I just accept the defaults.
Web Server services are all fine by default

And click on Install.  and prepare yourself for this:

Reboot and that should conclude part 1

when you log on again you will get this

Dont Panic we will explore those in Configuring Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Part 2

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