10 August 2010

Forefront Unified Access Gateway Installation Issues

I will be adding to this blog as I go along doing my own lab testing and troubleshooting.

First up the machine build

The minimum recommended system requirement for RAM is 4GB  allocate as much as you can spare.  This thing gets slow as you build up your portals.

You will also be using two network cards.  One for the internal network and one for the external.  Remember to add your static routes for your internal network and to only specify the default gateway for you external nic.

Afer i did the Windows Server 2008 R 2 Build i connected up the networks and added routes etc.  Then the UAG install.  It completed succesfully.  But when I launched it for thew firsat time i got the following error:

"The configuration cannot be loaded from ForeFront TMG storage. An Unrecoverable error has occured."

When I removed the machine from the domain and tried connecting the it succeeded.  The issue was related to a DNS error I got when connecting to my domain controller.    To resolvethis I joined the machine to the domain again.  For the internal connection i check the advanced TCP ip properties under the dns tab.  I then added the domain name in the "DNS suffix for this connection"

After a reboot there was no issue starting up the UAG management console on the domain. 

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