17 August 2010

Gain total control over your remote application .rdp files

Ever wanted to change as much as possible in the actual rdp file?

Here is the complete reference from Microsoft

I used to edit the ica file for my Citrix server to really try and squeeze every little bit of performance out of the sessions.  This is pretty much the same. Except of course the setting are different.

What I am going for is to reduce the bandwidth requirements as much as possible. My network has relatively low latency but bandwidth is limited.  And as we know by now whenever a remote session is constrained from a bandwidth perspective you automatically increase your latency and as soon as your latency goes up your session's user experience degrades.

Some of the fields are already in the rdp file but most of them you will have to add. these re the ones I edited or added
  • bitmapcachepersistenable:i:1 
  • compression:i:1
  • disableprinterredirection:i:1 
  • session bpp:i:8
Certain fields cannot be change or they need to be change together with another field.  If a problem occurs you get a very friendly RDP file has been corrupted warning.

If you are publishing your Remoteapp through UAG there is another place to edit fields.  I have not gone into this myself yet but here is the link in the meanwhile. 


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