19 August 2010

ISA 2006 Link Translation for a published site

I have on a number of occasion had to deal with trying to publish internal web applications to the Internet.

Typically there are a few problems that need addressing.  But the one that used to really got me was link translation.

If your application's internal dns name is internal.domain.com your external would be external.domain.com.  This depending on the application could be a problem.  If the application is configured to use relative path then you are fine.  If it is configured to use absolute paths you are going to have problems.

Relative paths ignore the hostname section because all the links are \path\path\pasge.htm
Absolute paths include the hostname http:\\internal.domain.com\path\path\page.htm

In this case you need to be able to translate the output from the application for it to work externally.  The concept if fairly simple but to actually get it working properly took me a while and a bit of luck to figure out.

My example uses the following

Internal name  = internal.domain.com
External name = external.domain.com
Internal = http
External = https

Since the problem is with FQDN it makes sense to always use the FQDN if you don't your translation won't work. Trust me.

The public name will be different and it is of course best practise to limit request to the actual site name that will be used. Also if you have request coming in on any other name not that you would be allowed to do this your translation will not work either.

  • On the link translation tab.
  • Check Apply link translation to this rule
  • Select Configure
  • Select Add or Edit
  • Specify the FQDN of the original and the translated address.

That's it. Not too complicated.  But if you err in any of the fields or make a typo  the translation will not work.

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