25 August 2010

Keeping your RD Session Hosts in Sync

When you have more than one Remote Desktop Session Host you may want to keep the configuration the same across the server.  You would want to do this if they are load balanced and you are using them as generic farm members.

You would not want to keep them in sync if you are using specific application on specific servers and you are using session hosts as your application source.

The place to do this is from the RemoteApp Manager mmc console.

Most obvious setting you would want to sync is the published applications.

But you also want to make sure that your RDP connection setting are the same to ensure a consistent environment. This can be changed in RDP Settings

You might also want to specify some custom RDP settings. (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff393699(WS.10).aspx)

Once your configuration is done or update you want to sync to another RD Session host.

From the Actions Menu on the Right hand side of the Remote App manager MMC select Export Remote App Settings.

You will be given an option to export your settings to another RD Session Host Server or to export to a file.
By exporting directly to another server you are putting them in sync.

You can also do the reverse my importing form another server or by importing a configuration file.

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