29 September 2010

TMG additional NLB IP not showing as Virtual IP

I recently ran into this odd little scenario.  I built a TMG stand alone array and configured NLB.  Then I added a munch of NLB IPs that I would be using for Web listeners.  As I set up the very first listener I saw something very odd.

The primary virtual IP was listed as "Virtual IP" under the Server Column,  The rest of the Virtual IPs that I defined in the NLB configuration was shown to belong to one or the other TMG servers.  This prompted me to check out the network Addresses configuration.  Everything looked fine and then I checked the  "Add Adapter" button.  I did not recall adding the adapter and sure enough the "Network Adapter Details differed significant between the two adapters.  So I checked them both and then configurations lined up correctly again.

Now when I check the IPs again in the Listener configuration the IPs are listed correctly.  The non NLB server IPs belong to the individual servers and all the virtual IPs are listed as "Virtual IP." Checking the network adapter, the correct IPs are listed too.


Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem but I dont see any of my VIP address..
WHere is the setting you discuss above located?

Etienne Liebetrau said...

The settings are in the networking section.

Select networks, the the network you are trying to troubleshoot. On the addresses tab there are additional buttons, click on the Add Adapter button.

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