25 October 2010

TMG Version numbers and what they mean

Trying to find out what version of TMG you currently have installed can be tricky or cryptic. It is important to ensure that all your array members on on the same version.  You may discover that the versions are different but no know what to install to update it.  Fortunately there is and easy way to figure it out.

Version numbers:

7.0.7734.100  -  Release version
7.0.8108.200  -  SP1
7.0.9027.400  -  SP1 Software Update
7.0.9027.410  -  SP1 Software Update 2 (KB2433623)
7.0.9027.441  -  SP1 Software Update 1 Rollup 3 (KB2498770)
7.0.9193.500  -  SP2 (KB2555840)
7.0.9193.515  -  SP2 Rollup 2 (KB2689195)

Where to find them

You can see these from the TMG console - System - Servers

You can also check on these in the Programs section in the control panel

Click on "View installed updates"

The Update Center is where your Malware and NIS definition versions are shown.  You generally would just need to scroll to the right a bit.

Generally you would not have to worry about these unless you have red icons somewhere on this page...

Keeping your environment in sync does not have to be tricky, as long as you know where to look and know what to install to bring all hosts up to date.

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