04 November 2010

Generating a self signed certificate for HTTPS and FTP-ES

From time to time you will need a certificate for testing.  You can go the route of requesting one from your local PKI / CA but you can also generate a self signed certificate from the IIS management console.

  • Open the IIS Management console
  • At the server level select Server Certificates

  • From the Actions Pane click on "Create self-signed certificate"
  • Specify a friendly name
  • Click OK

  • The cert will now be listed
  • To check it out double click the friendly name and the cert will open up
  • You will not the the issues to and issued by are the same and hence it is a self-signed certificate

The limitation to self signed certs is that they are not trusted by anyone.
But they can be handy form time to time and in cases like FTP-ES it does not really matter what cert you use as long as you use one to enable the encryption.

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