12 January 2011

Fix my IT system Milestone

Hi everyone

Today marks a bit of a milestone day for the humble little Fix my IT system blog.  When I started off I wanted to give back something to the larger IT community.  I have often thanked my luck stars for finding an article or two that helped me out of a sticky situation.  I wanted to provide that to some of you out there, without taking things too seriously.

Since the blog started off in August 2010 there has been over 10 000 hits on the site, from more than 115 countries on 6 continents!

Some of the product producers I covered have also Twitted and referenced some of the articles, (the good ones.)

To mark this milestone I finally caved and registered the fixmyitsystem.com domain.  I have added some some pages to let you all know about the professional services that me and my colleagues can provide.

Added a new favicon, cleaned up some of the blogger badging. I also had a logo made by someone with way more artistic experience than me. Thank you Curtis.

To everyone out there, thanks for the support and the return visits.  For the RSS subscribers, I hope that you enjoy checking out the regular posts and find them useful.

Please add a comment (if you have anything good to say)

Thanks again

Etienne Liebetrau

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