24 January 2011

Getting started with Search Server 2010

Different scenarios exist for which you may want to use search.  Possibly your content is stuck somewhere in your old intranet, may the data you are looking for is in a mailbox some where, or maybe it is in a file somewhere on the file server

I really want to primarily use Search Server to recover "lost IP" from a very large file share infrastructure that has become so big and clumsy no can find anything in it.

Getting search to work is actually not complicated at all.

  • Specify a user account to be used for searching
  • Specify the content sources (file share, mailbox, SharePoint sites etc.)
  • Set up a crawl schedule

Specify a user account
Launch Central Administration Site

I am yet to find a quick way to navigate there but this works. Click on the links as they come up.

Application management
Manage Service Applications
Search Service Application

The first thing you will have to change is "Default Access Account"  Clicking on the name will allow you to change it.

When specifying this account you need to take a few things into consideration.

The account needs adequate right to crawl the content.
Confidential content should not be readable by this account.
Search result are "access based enumeration" - a user can only see what they have permission to view.

Add content sources

The content that will be search indexed is called a content source.
Under the crawling heading on the left hand menu select "Content sources"
Click new content source

A new window will open where you can specify the details
  • Name
  • Content source
  • Start address
  • Crawl settings
  • Crawl schedules
  • Content source priority
Start full crawl - will crawl the content as soon as you complete the form.

Searching the content

After completing the content source setup you will be back on the content sources screen.  You can see what the crawl status is.

Once your crawl has finished you can search from the search page.
By default this would be  http://yourservername

Specify the term you want to search for.

All the content the contains your search term that you have read access to will be returned.

One thing I find really nice here is the ability to filter your results based on: 
  • Document type
  • Content Source
  • Author
  • Modified date.
The nice part is you can do this after the initial search has completed. 

This is only a scratch on the surface of what can be done with Search Server but as you can see with very minimal effort you can already start leveraging huge functionality.

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