12 January 2011

Sophos products is nearing retirement notification and how to get rid of it

It is very nice of Sophos to let you know that your product is nearing retirement and that you need to get it's pension plan in order.  If however you cannot immediately deploy the newer version, you might want to turn of this notification for your 11 000 machines until you can deploy.

Here is how:

http://www.sophos.com/support/knowledgebase/article/112120.html and

The bit that they don't tell you about, is the sensitivity of creating the savconf.xml file and note, it is savconf and not savconfIg.

As prescribed method for updating a CID is probably the only one you will want to use.

  • Create a new file and name it savconf.xml
  • Copy and paste the following text into the file and save.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<config xmlns="http://www.sophos.com/EE/EESavConfiguration">
<!-- Custom install configuration for SAV2K/XP/2003 -->
<inst:install xmlns:inst="http://www.sophos.com/SAVXP/SavInstallConfiguration"

Make sure you have not empty spaces or carriage return after the </config>

  • Copy the file into the CID's savxp folder. By default it would be C:\Program Files\Sophos Sweep for NT\SAVSCFXP
  • Run C:\sec311\Tools\configcid.exe "C:\Program Files\Sophos Sweep for NT\SAVSCFXP"
  • Look at the result and make sure the following lines show up.
  1. Adding entry for \savxp\savconf.xml
  2. Adding entry for \savconf.xml
This should now disable the message on the client machines after a successful update.

If you still have problems give me a shout.

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