02 February 2011

Installing a Microsoft Search Server 2010 Farm Part III

In this part of the tutorial we will step through the Farm Configuration wizard.

The first page in the Wizard requests the Service account and the Services that will be run on the farm.  here I select the existing managed account and leave the services as the default.

The changes will then be "Processing" for a while
Next up you will have to define the top-level site

Provide a suitable title.
From the Template selection, select the Enterprise tab and pick Basic Search Center.

After processing some more you will get the wizard completed screen.

You should now also be able to launch your Search portal site.

On my first try I got an error.

On the second attempt however everything worked fine.

The real advantage of creating a farm installation has not really shown yet, but you are now at a point where additional servers can be added to handle explicit services.

To add additional servers now start the whole process again, but this time join an existing farm..

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