02 February 2011

Installing a Microsoft Search Server 2010 Farm Part II

In http://fixmyitsystem.com/2011/01/installing-microsoft-search-server-2010.html I cover a stand alone installation.  This is the same except you select a server farm install.  Once the configuration wizard start you will start having to provide more information.

When you are setting up the farm initially you would select create a new farm.  When installing any additional server to perform roles for the farm they would "Connect to an existing farm"
On this screen you specify the database server.  In my case it is my localhost.
The database access account needs to be a SQL admin.

One of my pet peeves is running sites on anything other than port 80 and 443.  At least here you can specify a  port number and not have rely on the setup randomly choosing one for you like it does in a standalone install.

Once you complete these step the Central Admin page will eventually open up, it take a while to get things going so just be patient and don't panic.

Next up run through the farm configuration wizard.

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