02 February 2011

Installing a Microsoft Search Server 2010 Farm Part I

This is how the Standalone install compares with the Server Farm install


Server Farm

options during installation

Stand-alone installation is automated with default settings and proceeds
without prompts.

·        Requires that you specify an existing SQL Server host computer
and an empty database.
·        At the end of the installation, you can run the Initial Farm
Configuration Wizard to configure certain initial farm settings.

and scalability

you to deploy a fully functional Search Server configuration on one computer.
The computer functions as an application server for crawling and serving
queries, a Web server for serving search queries and rendering search results,
and a database server for hosting all of the necessary search databases.
After a stand-alone installation, there is no option to add computers to the
deployment to create a multiple-server farm.
configuration can be useful when you want any of the following:
·        A small-scale deployment that has minimal administrative
·        A development or test environment
·        A deployment for product evaluation

you to deploy a fully functional Search Server deployment on one computer
initially, and then add multiple application servers and Web servers to the
deployment to distribute the search functionality and workload. We recommend
using the Server Farm installation option when you are creating a production
farm because this deployment can be scaled out to multiple crawl servers,
query servers, and Web servers.


SQL Server 2008 Express is installed automatically.

Requires a SQL Server host computer. The SQL Server host computer
can be a different computer from the Search Server host computer.


SQL Server 2008 Express limits maximum database size to 4 gigabytes (GB). In a stand-alone installation, this limits Search Server indexing capability to
approximately 300,000 items, depending on the size and type of the items.

With a SQL Server host computer that meets the version requirements specified in the
section in Hardware and
software requirements (Search Server 2010)
, Search Server provides
sub-second query response times for an index of up to 100 million items,
depending on the size and type of the items.

For my lab build I start off by installing SQL on my test server.  I will be building my whole farm on a single server and then add additional servers as I expand.   This is because traditionally it is not possible to grow a SharePoint environment that was installed as a standalone.

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