16 March 2011

Exchange 2010 OWA opens in Web app light even though not selected

Ran into this little gem during testing.

When logging into the Exchange 2010 OWA the default is to load into the "standard" version.  This is the nice one with the enhance functionality, right clicks etc.

When logging into the Exchange 2010 OWA you have the option to select "Use Outlook Web App Light".  This is the lighter more basic version.

This is also the version that it will default to if the browser is not supported for the standard 2010 OWA.  

Interesting to note here is that Internet Explorer 6 is/was supported for the Standard Exchange 2007 OWA it is however not supported for Exchange 2010 OWA

Internet Explorer 7 tested fine though

All the more reason to check out It's time to let IE6 go


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