08 March 2011

It's time to let IE6 go

After 10 year of loyal - or not so loyal service it is time to let IE6 go and have it decommissioned.

MS has created a special site for develops to track the declining usage of IE6 so that they can stop writing compatibility code for it.


As an IT professional do your part and assist MS in it goal of killing off probably the logest serving browser of all time.

First released in 2001 and bundled with Windows XP and Server 2003 it was superseded by IE 7 when it was launched in 2006.  5 Years later IE6 it is still hanging on, in no doubt due to the fact that it natively ships with XP that is still very much alive and well.

IE 9 is currently in RC so if you are still using IE6 - let it go....

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