30 March 2011

SCVMM Warning (3107) Error (3107) checkpoint and snapshot problems

Checkpoint are great until they go wrong.  That is why  I also recommend that snapshots are a "short term only" feature.  It is in no way a point in time full backup.

In the SCVMM console you will see one of the VM showing Warning (3107)  " The format of the file - is not compatible with the VHS format. (Internal error code: 0x80990C23)

The machine will actually function correctly you will just have an issue when attempting to manage checkpoints.  Your Warning will now turn into an Error

To resolve this error you need to connect to the Hyper-V management console.  Find the offending machine and check out the snapshots.  Sometimes you can have pending merge, this can only happen when the machine is turned off.

Check http://fixmyitsystem.com/2010/09/disk-management-options-missing-from.html for more info and other similar issues.

Turn the machine off and watch the status column. This should then allow any pending Merge actions to complete.  If you really get stuck create and additional snapshot, then remove it again, this should also force a merge.

Once done your machine will now correctly update in the SCVMM console.  The warning and error should go away after refreshing the status.  You can now manage checkpoints from the SCVMM console again.

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