16 May 2011

Blogger outage - What does this mean for the public cloud

There was a serious blogger outage at the end of last week.  The explanation was that there was data corruption following routine maintenance.  You can check the foll blogger status here http://status.blogger.com/  What it meant for this blog was that some of "the latest" articles were temporarily removed, only to be restored later.

This bring into question the trustworthiness of public cloud computing.  After all, I one of Google's services can go down for so long, what about smaller players.  Need I remind you this is not the only public cloud service that has had interruptions.  Most of them has had a similar problem over the lifespan of their existence. 

As an IT professional I had conflicting emotions when the site was down.
Primarily I felt powerless to do anything to try and fix it.  Secondly - and this is key - relieved that this was someone else's problem.  Someone who is far more competent at fixing blogger than I would be.  If I had a proper SLA agreement with blogger where I could apply financial penalties for down time, it would not be too bad a situation.

I suppose the crux of public cloud is this, if you outsource you services you also outsource you problems, you just need to learn to relax while you hope -{frantically}- that everything will come back to normal...

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