20 May 2011

Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 SQL Server prerequisite verification error

During the installation of Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 there is a prerequisite verification step.  Most were fairly easy to resolve except for the SQL one

Checking the details for the failure you get:

"Setup cannot verify the service principal name (SPN) for this account. Ensure that there is a single valid SPN entry for this account in the Active Directory Domain Services.
Account: Yourdomain\accountname"

To resolve this you need to manually specify a SQL SPN for the account being used

Launch a command prompt as administrator
Execute the following:

setspn -a  mssqlsvc/accountname yourdomain\accountname

You should see an updated object line confirming that the change was successful
To verify that the SPN was added correctly execute:

setspn -l yourdomain\accountname

The prerequisite check should now complete without errors and you can proceed with the installation.
setspn -a  MSOLAPSvc.3/accountname yourdomain\accountname

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