08 June 2011

Proxy testing and troubleshooting using Firefox and Firebug

It is often difficult to figure out what exactly is happening to your web traffic especially if you are trying to troubleshoot your proxy or reverse proxy servers.

I have been using HTTP Watch Pro for doing for a few years now.  It is however a paid for product, http://www.httpwatch.com

There is an alternative to this that works nearly as well for the stuff I check and called it is Firebug, and it is a add-on for Firefox. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firebug/.  The product can be described as an HTTP sniffer, that sits inside the browser.

So install the add-on and then turn on the Net section

Select the All tab and load up a page.  You should see loads of page elements loading.  If you expend one of these you can have a look at the Headers.  There is loads of information in here and they vary depending on the content / MIME type.

For checking that the traffic is flowing though your proxy look at the Via field, this should be the name of your proxy server.  If you are using web chaining you will see both proxies listed. (Very cool)

Spending some time in working out how this works and what the information means can be a big benefit and it is a skill sets that comes in surprisingly handy.

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Blogstreet said...

This helped me a lot. As I am goin thru the literature on Firebug and FBTrace.
I am looking for a way to track the "Params" in the "Net" tab.
Would u be able to tell/show me a way to log the values of Params?

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