25 August 2011

Recover BlackBerry Messenger contacts after BBM Update

BlackBerry messenger (BBM) contacts are kept separately from your normal phone contacts.  So even if you are using BlackBerry protect http://fixmyitsystem.com/2011/05/mitigate-lost-phone-risks-with.html you cannot recover your BBM contacts.

You are advised to make a backup of your contact regularly...

During updating the BBM you might run into a problem and it might delete all your contacts and chat history.  If you have a backup file you can recover, otherwise, if you sync email you can possibly recover them from email.

  • On the Home screen or in the Instant Messaging folder, click the BlackBerry Messenger icon.
  • On the contact list screen, press the Menu key.
  • Click Options.
  • Click Restore.
  • Click Restore using email.
  • If necessary, select an email address. Click Continue.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Continue.

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