06 September 2011

Root certificate update with Windows update catalog

Automatic updates should in theory download an install all the required updates including the ones pertaining to updating the local machines root certificate store.  This store should contain the latest list of  certificates form the Microsoft Root Certificate Program Members CA's

If however for some reason you machines is unable to update these you can manually download the required Windows updates for this.  Your machine might be updating from your corporate WSUS server where these updates might not have been approved.

Browse to the Microsoft Update Catalog http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/home.aspx and search for "Certificate update"

You can filter down the list to your required OS by searching for "certificate updates windows server 2008"

You can get an overview of the update by clicking on the update title.  If you still need further information there is also a link to the support KB article

Add the update to your basket, download and install.  Alternatively, if your are the WSUS administrator you will now have the KB number(s) of the update(s) to approve in WSUS

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