22 February 2012

Dell Remote Access Controller - DRAC - Remote OS Deployment

The Dell™ Remote Access Controller 5 (DRAC 5) is a systems management hardware and software solution designed to provide remote management capabilities, crashed system recovery, and power control functions for Dell systems.

Using the DRAC you can remotely deploy the OS itself to the hardware.  To do this you can utilize virtual media.  This is for example an ISO file residing on the network.

Getting Started
All of the following can and should be done through the DRAC web console

  • Open Internet Explorer (Active X is used)
  • Enter the IP address of the DRAC's management IP in the address bar
  • Ignore the certificate warning and log in
  • Select the console tab and launch the console .

Configuring the DRAC via the console
For you to be able to remotely deploy the OS you need to enable Virtual Media.

  • Power on the server
  • During the Server POST enter the configuration for the DRAC  <Ctrl>+R when prompted
  • Select Virtual Media Configuration
  • For Virtual Media change the setting to Attached

Configuring the virtual media via the web console

  • Select the Media Tab
  • From the CD/DVD-ROM Drive section select ISO image file
  • Browse to the ISO that you want to use
  • Connect

The screen will now refresh and indicate that the status is now attached and connected
(Once completed you can disconnect the virtual media from this screen with the disconnect button at the bottom of this screen)

Boot and install from the Virtual Media

  • From the Power Management Tab
  • Power Cycle the System
  • During the Initial POST screen press F11 to enter the boot device menu
  • From the Boot Device menu you can now select the Virtual CDROM option

The system will now boot from the virtual ISO as if it was attached directly to the server.

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