14 March 2012

DNS expansion and migration guide

DNS is an essential service for machines on your network, without it very little would actually keep working.  It is therefore important to ensure that the service is always available for all the clients.

Since some of the steps are common I will walk through what is required to add additional servers for DNS and then also how to change the zone type. And then removing old server out of the mix.

NOTE: This does not allow for the use of Active Directory Integrated DNS which has a number of advantages.  For more in on how to do that check: http://fixmyitsystem.com/2012/03/increase-dns-capacity-with-dns.html

Prepare existing DNS servers for new ones
  • To allow the new server to sync up the DNS you need to authorize ZONE transfer for the new server
  • Open the DNS Manager on the existing server
  • Right Click the relevant Forward lookup zone
  • Properties
  • Select the Zone Transfer Tab
  • Check Allow Zone transfers
  • Select "only servers listed in the Name Servers tab"
  • Select the Name Servers tab
  • Add the FQDN of the new DNS server (at this point it will not be validated yet)
Adding Servers
  • Install DNS server Role
  • Open DNS Manager Console
  • Create new Forward lookup zone
  • Secondary zone
  • Specify zone name - domain.com
  • Specify one or more master DNS servers (an existing server)
  • Delete IPV6 entry (if one shows up)
  • Finish the wizard
  • Select the forward zone
  • Right click - Transfer from Master

At his point you should have a DNS server that is syncing data with the Master DNS server.  Because we configured it as a Secondary Zone this server is not yet authorative so you cannot edit or delete records.

Change Zone type
  • Right click the forward lookup zone - properties
  • Select the General tab
  • Click the Change button to change to zone type
  • Select Primary zone

At this point you will now have multiple servers controlling the same zone as primary servers.  To ensure that all server can sync properly check that your new server is also configured to allow Zone transfer to Name Servers

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