27 June 2012

Youtube video fails with "An error has occurred. Try again later"

Since around 22 June 2012 people have been having difficulty loading you tube videos.  Normal access to the Youtube site is working but in the video window you get and error stating "An Error has occurred. Try again later."

If you are Using TMG 2010 with URL filtering enabled you can work around the issue as follows.

Checking the proxy log you should discover that the youtube caching URLs have now been classified as Malicious by the Microsoft Reputation Services.

To work around this issue you can use the URL catgory override to reclassify the Youtube caching URLs to Media sharing.

Use the url pattern  *.c.youtube.com/*


Anonymous said...

Its work fine. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Just what I needed to know!

Anonymous said...

Hi. We are facing similar issue. We've allowed youtube access for a particular user in ISA 2006. We are able to access youtube site but when we try to start a video, error occurs " An error occurred. plase try again again later.


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