26 October 2012

F5 BIG-IP Reset to factory defaults

Sometimes you may want to clear all configuration from your BIG-IP.  This is often the case for a lab or test VE device.  The following procedure will help you backup and keep your existing configuration then to reset your BIG-IP with almost no configuration. This procedure is tmos V11 onwards

Backing up your existing config
It is always a good idea to keep a backup archive of your configuration.  It is a quick and painless procedure so there is no reason to just go through it before you start.  You never know if you need to "go back to check something."

From the main management GUI

  • Select System - Archives +
  • Specify a name such as "Pre_Factory_reset"
  • Ensure Private Keys is set to Include
  • Click Finish
  • Once the archive is complete click OK

You should now see the Archive list.

  • Click on you archive you just created
  • Click the Download <Archive Name> button
  • This will allow you to save the .ucs file on your local machine.

Preparing to reset the BIG-IP
The following procedure will reset the device.  However it will keep certain setting that you would probably want to keep.  The following will be retained:

  • Management IP
  • Admin and root accounts
  • License file
  • Files in the /shared partition
  • Manually modified bigdb variables
  • Previous Archives

Resetting your device
Now that you have a safe backup archive and you know what will be lost you can safely start.

  • open you SSH client
  • connect to the management IP
  • log in as root
  • Execute the following commands 
  • tmsh
  • load sys config default
  • y (Reset configuration to factory default)
  • save sys config

Once the reset has been done you will be able to connect back to the management IP with management GUI.  Your machine will be fresh and clean but would have retained the above mentioned objects.

At this point I would suggest making another Archive to take you back to this "pre_config" state.

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