23 January 2013

Convert VMDK and physical drives to VHD and VHDX

If you have ever wanted to move a virtual machine or virtual disk form VMware or to create a virtual copy of a physical drive, this is a great little free tool to do this.  I was in a bit of a bind with not being able to import a machine into VMM and this one helped me out.

2Tware Convert VHD

Simply specify the VMDK file and a destination VHD file and click convert.  Easy.

The process the convert a physical disk is just as straight forward.

Once you have your VHD you can use it in your Hyper-V environment   If you want to further convert it it the new Hyper-V 3 VHDx format you can do so in the Hyper-V console.

  • Open the Hyper-V management console
  • Select Edit Disk form the Action pane
  • Locate the VHD file
  • Choose to Convert
  • Select VHDX
  • Either Fixed or Dynamic depending on your need
  • Specify a new file name
  • Finish the wizard

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks, looking everywhere on how to do this without the MS Powershell

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