18 June 2013

Dell PowerVault MD3200i password and management IP recovery

The PowerVault MD3200i is an iSCSI SAN device.  It comes with two raid controller each with it's own management network interface.  Generally all management is done through the "Modular Disk Storage Manager" application.  If however you have inherited this device form someone else, or have totally forgotten what the IP and or password is then you can recover or reset these with the following.

You will need the serial management cable.  This looks like a PS2 flug on the one side and RS232 COM port on the other.

Plug this into your PC and controller 0 on the MD3200i (The top one)
Use putty to establish a serial connection.  You need to set the baud rate to 11520

To get into the service menu you need to press
<Ctrl> & Pause / Break

Then type CAPITAL S for Service Interface and enter
The default password here is "supportDell"

From here you can:
Display the Current IP configuration
Change the Current IP  configuration
Reset Storage Array Administrator Password

It is pretty straight forward text based procedure to complete any of the steps above.  Generally you will have to reboot the PowerVault, so keep this in mind.

Alternatively if you have the IP addresses already or they are still on the default can can reset the password by pressing and holding for 5 seconds the "password reset button" on the controllers.


David Cramblett said...

Baud rate should be 115200, not the 11520 listed.

Fábio said...

I have been some problems with my MD3200i, and the serial managment cable was gone long time ago. May you test the connections for each one of these pins for this cable and draw a schematic for these connections?

This may be incredibly usefull for everyone who need this cable, Thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! This was the only place I could find this info after searching for quite some time so thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I would like to direct connect to my MD3200i, however I have no computing resources with a RS232 port for the standard serial management cable. Is it possible to add an adapter to the end of this cable, such that I can route through my USB?

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