01 July 2013

F5 Diaries - Applying a hotfix to your BIG-IP Step By Step

Hotfixes are available for down from F5, these come with a description of all the fixes included in the hot-fix roll-up.  The hot-fixes are cumulative so there is no need to incrementally apply the fixes.

Once you have downloaded the hot-fix .iso follow this procedure.  First on your passive node.  Then switch the active load the the newly updated node and then update the now passive node.

Step 1 - Back it up

  • Log Onto The BIG-IP as Admin
  • Create an archive for safe keeping
  • System - Archives +
  • Specify a file name
  • Click Finish
  • Click OK on the progress screen
  • Click on Archives again - you should now see the list of archives.
  • Click on the archive just created then click Download
  • (It is a good idea to keep a copy somewhere other than the F5 especially during an update)
  • Reboot the F5 and check for no errors during startup.

Step 2 - Upload the hot-fix image

  • System - Software management - Hot-Fix List - Import
  • Choose the downloaded hot-fix iso and wait for upload to complete

Step 3 - Install the image

  • System - Software management - Hotfix List
  • Check the box next to the latest hotfix image - Click Install

(NOTE: If you do not currently have the base image on the system you would have to upload it first before you can proceed.  It will be installed as part of the hotfix deployment)

  • Name the new volume
  • Click Install

  • Wait patiently for the install to finish all the way
  • The install status has to be "complete"

Step 4 - Change the Boot Partition

  • System - Software Management - Boot Location
  • Click Activate on the hot-fix installation
  • Confirm that you do want to update
  • Wait for the reboot

Step 5 - Verify

  • Log in and check that you are running the expected hot-fix version
  • System - Configuration - Version

That is all there is to it.  If you have an HA pair this is where you would make this the active node and update the other.

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