18 September 2013

Building Hyper-V clusters Step by Step - Part II - The most basic added to SCVMM

In part one of this series we created a very basic Hyper-V cluster using SMB 3.0 as shared storage.  In this part we will cover the steps required to add this cluster to SCVMM.

See PART I for more background info

Design Goals
  • Two node Hyper-V cluster
  • Using only SMB 3.0 as shared storage
  • Using only single NIC per server
  • Using DHCP
  • Managed from SCVMM
Build Process
All of the steps can be performed directly from the System Center Virtual Machine Manager Console.

Step 1 Adding Storage
Here we will add the fileshare server as available storage for VMM to use
  • Select Fabric
  • Under Storage Select Provides - Right Click - Add Storage devices
  • Add Windows-based file server as managed storage device
  • Specify the FQDN (HV03) and a Run As account that is an administrator on the  File share host
  • Select relevant shares (From Part I we created a Witness and Storage share - add both)
  • Finish the wizard

Step 2 Adding the host nodes
Here the Hyper-V host and the configured cluster is added
  • Select Fabric
  • Create and select a new Folder under All Hosts
  • Right Click - Add Hyper-V hosts and Clusters
  • Windows Server computers in a trusted AD Domain
  • Specify  a Run As account that is an administrator on the f Hyper-V host
  • Specify a name of one of the nodes (HV01) - Next
  • It will discover the cluster with the nodes (HVC01, HV01 and HV02) - Select and click next
  • Finish the wizard

Step 3 Adding Storage to the Cluster
Before the storage3 can be used by the cluster it needs to be provisioned for it
  • Right Click the Cluster - Properties
  • Select File Share Storage - Add
  • Select \\HV03\StorageShare
  • OK
  • Specify Run As account
  • Finish The Wizard

Step 4 Verify the cluster
Before continuing on you should check that everyhting is working up to this point
  • Select the cluster
  • Right Click - Validate Cluster  - This takes a few minutes
  • At this point the cluster should Succeed with a few warnings

Step 5 Create a Highly Available virtual machine
The process for creating a virtual machine is the same,one key exception is when you are specifying the hardware you can now scroll down to the Advanced section and select the "Make this virtual machine highly available."
When you get to the configure Setting screen you should see the cluster file share is specified as the storage location.

If you want to allow SCVMM to apply dynamic optimization and have high availability you need clusters.  As you could see from this article it can be very simple and fairly straight forward to create and implement a basic SMB Hyper-V cluster.

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