28 August 2014

How to Fix Remote Desktop Gateway WMI failure Unable to Update Local Resource Group

When attempting to add another machine to a local computer group you receiver the following error:

    WMI failure Unable to Update Local Resource Group

This only happen when you click Apply or OK.  You can specify the computer name and click add and that works fine, it adds it to the list, but it wont apply the change.

Adding the same machine to a new group or another group works fine.

You may have notices that there is some validation that happens.  If you attempt to add a a computer that does not have a corresponding DNS entry it will generate the following error:

   The IP address lookup failed for <servername> Ensure that you have typed the name or IP    address of the computer correctly.

When attempting to add a new machiene the new entry is verified and the error is generated, but whne you click on Apply or OK, a validation process runs through all the other computer names in that group.  If a server listed there no longer exist and therefore the DNS check fails you will see the WMI error.

So the fix is simple.  Remove the computers that no longer have a corresponding DNS entry.  Once the list is now valid it will allow you to add the new machines.

If you have a big local computer group, it might be easier just to work through the list of computers by looking at the exported XML configuration.

Do do this simple select the Gateway in the MMC - Right Click - Export policy and configuration settings.

This generates an XML file you can easily work with. BUT - DO NOT edit the file - it will fail an import validation check and probably break the Resource Authorisation Policies.

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Anonymous said...

In my case, I have a disaster recovery process that use 1 virtual RDS always active, and is cloning 20 things in Disaster recovery; all comuters objects for this RDS are in AD too; for maintain this group ready, other thing posible is edit the HOSTS file in the RDSGateway :-)

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