02 March 2015

Change host access account for a cluster in SCVMM

The host access account is the one used by VMM to communicate with the hosts.  This can normally easily be changed using the hosts's properties.

If however the host is a cluster member the  host Access Run as account is greyed out, more specifically the Browse button that would allow you to select another run as account.

You can check which hosts are using a particular run as account by selecting it form the
Settings | Security |Run as accounts | Properties | Consumers

To change the host access acount we are goign to need to head over to PowerShell

You need to confirm the clustername and Run As names before you start. you can get those with



Once you have that simply run the following

$YourCluster = Get-SCVMHostCluster -Name clustername
$YourRunAs = Get-SCRunAsAccount -Name "runasaccoutname"
Set-SCVmHostCluster -VMHostCluster $YourCluster -VMHostManagementCredential $YourRunAs

After the script has run you can verify thing through the VMM console again.

Originally posted as a solution by M.Oberg

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