19 March 2015

SCVMM - Change the display name of a VmHoSt to fix capitalisation

A Personal per peeve is when you are looking at your beautiful VMM console and all of your hosts line up perfectly except one, someone added it with the host name specified in the wrong CASE.  You cannot fix this be renaming the host or anything else you might try - yes I tried a few ways.

The only way to fix it is to edit the database directly

Here is my crude but effective query

update dbo.tbl_ADHC_Host
set ComputerName = REPLACE(ComputerName, 'hyperv10.ww.co.za', 'HYPERV10.ww.co.za')
where ComputerName = 'hyperv10.ww.co.za'

select * from dbo.tbl_ADHC_Host

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